The Dungeon Goats


In this starting session, we established some of the underlying premises of the campaign. There is a new continent and an old one, the new one is filled with strange creature, races, and perhaps something much, much darker. There are settlements and civilization, but it’s relatively sparse, and usually people just take the law in to their own hands. The wilderness is dangerous, and so are your fellow colonizers.

We have a few characters made, one for Brewer, Kendal, and Marshall, as well as a couple NPCs established.

Brewer is a human, a drunkard bum who works for copper pieces at the local pub. He has an extreme gambling addiction.

Kendal is a half-dwarf, the son of a human sociologist who found a tribe of dwarves (who were thought to be extinct) on the new continent. He went native, became an alcoholic, and died ignobly, his work unfinished. The son now seeks to complete the work of his father.

Marshall is an elf, and the local apothecary. He’s a sage, a botanist, and a scholar, who used to share a dwelling with the human sociologist, and now dwells with his son (Kendal’s character). He’s eccentric, sometimes creating potions and having no idea how they work. In actuality, he is exhibiting early signs of hebephrenia, due to some effect of dwelling on the new continent.

Also, we have established the way to create a character. Roll 3d6 a total of 36 times. Organize the results in to a 6 × 6 square. Then choose a row or column of scores, forward or back. Those are your ability scores in this order: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.

If you’re a human, add +2 to a score. If dwarf (or half-dwarf), add +2 Constitution or Wisdom. If elf, +2 Intelligence or Dexterity.



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