The Dungeon Goats


In this session we created Matt and Ashely’s characters, as well as some interesting quirks for Vincent.

Matt’s character is a Hengeyokai, a shapeshifter with a strong spiritual connection to the god Aladra. In his animal form he is a hyena, and he has spent the first 100 years of his life as this animal. For the past ten years he has been developing a human identity in Durston.

Ashley’s character is a brownie, a race of very short, reclusive forest-dwellers who are master craftsmen. Her chaotic tendencies and ability to produce fire have banished her from the brownie kingdoms and sent her to Durston.

Vincent (played by Marshal) is the local apothecary, and the closest thing most natives have to a doctor. Since he lives on the 2nd floor, those requesting his services must climb a ladder, knock on the window, and duck to avoid being hit by the windows flying open. His potions are not very reliable.


Things We Lost in the Fire…


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