The Dungeon Goats

Chapter 1 - With His Father's Gun

Not every problem has a peaceful solution.

It had been a rough night, so the only sensible thing to do was to go to the pub.

Alain and Vincent, with their scant few possessions, wanted a respite from the horrors of the flame, so they brought along Gannis and Harmony to their favorite eatery, Stormgut’s Pub. Sir Riccard Scarsdale eagerly served and consoled them, boisterous and proud as ever. While they were sitting down to enjoy a drink, the wood elf Iltrae requested their presence. It seemed that Arb Joress, the governor’s son, was also at the pub at the same time. The four stepped in around his private table to discuss what had happened.

Arb told them that there would most likely be an investigation done on the fire, especially with the governor’s imminent return to Durston. Seeing no other way, Vincent proposed that they gather up what they could and leave the town as soon as possible. It was bold, risky, and a little crazy, and they had very little to go off of, but Vincent firmly believed it could be done.

As the group discussed funding for the adventure, Arb grew nervous. A young, sick boy, it was not hard to tell when he was concerned about something. They asked what was the matter, and in a hushed voice he told them about a night, nearly a year past, when he saw a dark, robed figure passing in the night. He carried with him a large sack of coins and was headed north. Through the darkness, Arb glimpsed his face… the face of Sir Riccard, who appeared himself to serve drinks at that very revelation. There was a tension now, and Arb quickly excused himself to leave on the grounds that he was feeling ill. Alain, Vincent, Harmony, and Gannis soon departed themselves, as Sir Riccard watched them go.

Later on they decided to pay a visit to Tom Gallerston of the General Sundries Store.



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