The Dungeon Goats


The adventure begins! After creating Kyle’s character, Gannis, we started roleplaying.

It all started on Anten, 29th of Shoren, with a letter from the Old Kingdoms, sent to Alain by means of Will, the paperboy. The letter stated that the work Alain had submitted to “The Knower” was lackluster, and that Sir Daniel Fartrester, the editor-in-chief, would be visiting within a couple of months. Will also informed Vincent and Alain of a party going on at Stormgut’s Pub that night, to celebrate the birthday of the pub’s owner, Sir Riccard “Stormgut” Scarsdale.

Chenoweth Galen, while tending to the grounds at the Church of Hergen and Center for Theological Study, was informed by his mentor and father, Thako Galen, about the same party, and was told to get out and spend some time with the townsfolk.

Far to the north in the forest of Tuwari, a trial of sorts was being held for a young brownie female named Harmony. In the past year she had become a celebrity and a pariah, her chaotic flame spells causing impressive displays and unimaginable destruction. Her trial was nothing more than a condemnation, led by the politician Snuffallow Morbidar. She was given a chance to speak, but the situation escalated as she tried to escape, and in the process killed 2 guards.

As the day went on and Vincent and Alain began to get ready for the party, a ship from the Old Kingdoms docked in Durston, and by means of a crane, the Oread named Gannis set foot on the new continent. Roughly humanoid in form, the Oread garnered strange looks and suspicion from the townsfolk for his rock skin. The only one showing no discretion was Roxie, a fat whore from the docks district. Gannis was saved from the awkward encounter by James Korbind, a local guard under the employ of the Governor, Sir Daniel Joress. James told Gannis about the party at Stormgut’s, and helped him find his way around the new city. Eventually Gannis made his way to the CHaCTS house and was greeted by Thako Galen, who saw Gannis as a sign of Hergen, as the Oread were once his scions.

As night came, Vincent, Alain, Chenny, and Gannis all made their way to the party at Stormgut’s. Sir Scarsdale and his daughter, Elena, set out a magnificent party, with dancing, drinking, and bawdy stories told by ol’ Stormgut. After a few conversations, and the gift of a rare dwarven brew by Alain to Sir Scarsdale, Vincent made a showing of his fireworks, which dazzled and amazed the partygoers. After the show was over, all the guests except for Vincent, Alain, Chenny, and Gannis went inside, but the four men looked to the skies, as another firework, a bright fireball, lit up the sky. In a loud crash, the fireball landed near them, and in the ashes and smoke, a small female form lay, unconscious. She turned out to be Harmony, exiled from her homeland by way of Dr. Farce’s rocket device.

As soon as she realized where she was, Harmony immediately tried to escape. She was confused, agitated, and afraid. Gannis tried to catch the small creature, but his bulk was too slow and she nimbly avoided him. After much fuss and ordeal, Vincent tamed the fiery creature with berries, and soothed her to sleep. Giving her to Alain, Vincent went off to gather a flower that, as he learned from talking to Chenny, grew on the grounds of the CHaCTS house. He believed the flower might possess some medicinal traits that could help Arb Joress, the sick son of the governor, recover from his debilitating illness. Chenny himself went with Alain back to his house to discuss the discovery of Harmony, and Gannis remained at the party to better acquaint himself with the townsfolk.

As midnight came on Saben, 30th of Shoren, Chenny and Alain found themselves chatting in Alain’s messy room. Chenny could tell that there was something odd about Alain, namely his half-dwarf smell, but Alain had no idea that Chenny was some sort of were creature. In the moonlight, sipping a cup of tea, Chenny transformed to look part hyena. Alain was shocked, but not quite so shocked as when a loud noise came from Vincent’s room, where they had set Harmony down to sleep.

Meanwhile, back at Stormgut’s, Gannis found the strange company of Roy, a drunkard dock worker who had one too many. Being the good soul he is, Gannis carried the poor sot back to his dwellings, after a chat with James Korbind about the imminent arrival of the Governor. As he passed down to the docks, above in Durston he spotted a bright light…

Vincent was on his way back from collecting flowers, and as he was about to open his door, a loud whoosh! sound and an intense heat met him. He burst open the door to see half of his room, and many of his rare plants, potions, and fireworks about to go up in flames.

Minutes before, Harmony had awoken to a strange, jungle-like place. She began to explore, and as she searched for edible leaves and berries, a huge cockroach came scuttling towards her! She grabbed the nearest thing she could find, a rose with sharp thorns, and began fending off the cockroach. Even as she tried to escape, the bug pursued her. In her distress, she did what felt natural, and manifested her flames. She did not anticipate the flames to bellow forth with such an immense fury, nor did she expect the 3 panicked forms rushing in to put out the flames.

Despite their best efforts, Vincent, Alain, and Chenny could not control the flames. Seeing Harmony struck with fear, Vincent grabbed her and as many vials and potions as he could carry and made for the door. Chenny nimbly went out before him, and Alain stuck behind to make sure they were out. Then, suddenly, horribly, an explosion sent Chenny, Vincent, and Harmony hurling out of the house. The fire had gotten to some of the more unstable chemicals Vincent had in his house, and the resulting explosion trapped Alain inside the burning building.

After hearing the explosion, most of the townsfolk rushed to put out the fire, fearing it might spread. Among those who came was Gannis, who, after being told by Thako Galen that one was missing, delved bravely in to the inferno and with his mighty strength he rescued Alain from certain death. Vincent attempted to enter his house again, and after being restrained entered in to a wild mania, but the wood elf Iltrae saw to it that he was subdued. With bucket chains and a good bit of luck, the blaze was put out with only minor damage to nearby homes. Alain and Vincent’s house, however, was thoroughly burnt.

The next morning, Alain and Vincent awoke in the Temple of Hergen, their wounds and burns treated by Thako and a handful of nurses. Both were desperate to find out how bad the damage was and if any of their possessions had been recovered. Vincent also was trying to find out if Harmony had made it out alright, as no one had seen her since the fire.

Harmony awoke in the morning in a tool shed, somewhere on the outskirts of town. A tall, dark figure told her that her fire was a gift, but that soon people would come to try and destroy her. He gave her no name, but told her that she needed to control the fiery soul inside her if she hoped to survive. He also told her not to speak a word to anyone about their encounter, and to return to him in the same spot in 3 days time and he would reveal more to her. She went off in to town, and ended up at the burned house, right as Alain was coming to see the destruction.

All in all, very few things were recovered from that dreadful night. Vincent recovered a satchel of clove, goosefoot berries, dill, and barley, as well as a Potion of Heroism and a Potion of Super-Heroism. Alain has an old, forgotten map that traces the path his father took from Durston to Tosk Hamrachko, the settlement of the dwarves; his father’s old journal and Alain’s journal; and an old wooden box with a broken lock that his father told him never to look in.

The townsfolk passed by and offer their condolences and provided what they could. Vincent talked to Chenny and Harmony, and he learned that it was Harmony who started the blaze. As the five agreed to go have lunch at Stormgut’s, Vincent forgave Harmony for burning down his house.

“These things happen…”



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