Arb Joress

The sickly, intelligent child of the governor, Sir Daniel Joress.


Male Human NPC

Str 7 (- 2)
Con 9 (- 1)
Dex 5 (- 3)
Int 15 (+ 2)
Wis 12 (+ 1)
Cha 12 (+ 1)

AC 7 HP 3


Age: 14
Height: 5’ 0"
Weight: 75 lbs.
Hair: Short, Dark brown, Straight
Eyes: Deep blue

Arb Joress has had a rough life. His mother died shortly after his birth, and he soon thereafter developed a debilitating sickness that the healers and apothecaries have dubbed “Glutton’s Demise”. This previously unknown disease is assumed to be native to Karno. Those infected have difficulty eating; so much so that they simply waste away to nearly nothing. They become weak, frail, slow-moving, shallow-eyed, and prone to fainting. Arb has dealt with this disease since he was a small child, but even though his body has betrayed him, his mind most certainly has not. He is as bright, or even brighter than most kids his age, and he is well-mannered with a genial personality.

Despite his sickness, he is often found about Durston, frequenting the inns and pubs, talking with visitors and locals. He tries to ignore his sickness, but sometimes the pain of moving is such that he must be carried around in a small palanquin by some of his father’s men. Visitors stop and stare, but locals have become quite used to the sight.

As for his relationship with his father, it can best be described as cordial. Sir Daniel Joress is a busy man, being the governor of the New Provinces of Karno, so he is often away or on business in some of the other major settlements. His personal servant, a wood elf named Iltrae, takes care of Arb while the governor is away. This frequent separation has created a rift between father and son, and Arb holds no true loyalties for his father. He will gladly and openly talk about government plans and official business, so many come to Arb for the latest news and proclamations from the Old Kingdoms. When Arb and Sir Daniel are together, they are polite to each other, and each does his duty as father or son, but there is a tension in the air, as if they were forced to be related by someone else. Arb doesn’t know why his father acts the way he does, but he thinks it has something to do with his deceased mother.

Arb Joress

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