Black Scorpion

The assassin.


Hair: None
Eyes: Unseen
Age: Indiscernible
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: about 140 lbs.

Black Scorpion is a being of fear and death. He is tall and lanky, armored all in chitinous black armor that resembles the carapace of a scorpion. His face is almost entirely covered in a black chitin mask, including over his eyes and nose, but his mouth is exposed, revealing grey, cracked skin and sharpened yellow teeth. In the center of his face is a live scorpion.

His weapon of choice resembles a scorpion’s tail. With a flick of his wrist, he can extend the weapon to become more rigid, and at its tip is a deadly sharp point.

Black Scorpion has been seen only once, by Alain, the night when he killed Vincent. As the assassin approached Alain, the young adventurer shot him, tearing off a piece of his mask. In an instant, he was gone, faded away into the shadows.

Black Scorpion

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