Corgy Undergallows

The halfling wharfmaster and smuggler.


Str: 8 (- 1)
Con: 10 (+ 0)
Dex: 14 (+ 2)
Int: 12 (+ 1)
Wis: 14 (+ 2)
Cha: 15 (+ 2)

AC: 14 HP: 12


Age: 71
Height: 3’ 6"
Weight: 96 lbs.
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue-green

In Durston, by the docks, there is a large quarter that is devoted to warehouses. Many merchants keep priceless goods in these huge buildings, and the very supplies that keep Durston alive dwell in crates beneath the large plank ceilings. A good portion of these warehouses, and a far better portion of the goods contained within them, are under the ownership of a halfling. A halfling who was once a beggar and a thief.

Corgy Undergallows was born in Freg’s Landing, a small town north of Holmott in the Kingdom of Fallcrest. He never knew his father, who was rumored to be a halfling river-runner, a thief who stole royal goods for his own purposes. His mother died of a terrible pox when he was very young, leaving the boy to his own survival. He spent his early years foraging, begging, and stealing, the last of which he never stopped doing. He garnered enough infamy in his homeland that he was forced to flee to the Kingdom of Heathrock, where he learned of the High King’s great expedition across the seas, looking for new lands. When he was 21, he learned of the discovery of Karno, and vowed to plunder whatever riches the new world had.

At 27 he stole aboard a ship of colonists and headed across the sea. There he found a group of adventurers, likewise interested in treasure, but not to the extent that Corgy was. For the halfling, treasure in all its forms replaced the hole in his heart his absent parents had left. The crew went on many adventures over many years, but in the end mistrust, suspicion, and eventually betrayal split them apart.

Corgy made back with his wealth and constructed warehouses in Durston, bought himself a small army of dockworkers, and began smuggling goods for nobles, government officials, and criminals alike, making him even more wealthy in the process. Now the short one is one of the most influential figures in Durston, and a salty dog that is not to be trifled with.

Corgy Undergallows

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