Judge Darren Huffscallow Jr.

The unforgiving judge of Durston.


Male Human NPC

Str: 11 (+ 0)
Con: 12 (+ 1)
Dex: 9 (- 1)
Int: 10 (+ 0)
Wis: 12 (+ 1)
Cha: 8 (- 1)

AC: 9 HP: 5


Age: 40
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 231 lbs.
Hair: Short cut, black with gray. Medium-length gray beard and long mustache.
Eyes: Cold, dark grey eyes.

The court system of Durston goes as follows: you are brought to the court because you are either an enemy of the Governor, have disobeyed one of his laws, or have been brought in because you “looked suspicious”. Heavily armed guards strip you of your possessions and carry you to the jail. When your time comes, you are escorted to the courthouse. Then you are placed on a chair in a small room, with Judge Darren Huffscallow Jr. staring down at you. At that moment, you realize you’re not getting off easy.

Judge Huffscallow is widely known to be mean, harsh, and absolutely unforgiving and unwavering when it comes to the letter of the law. On his high bench in the courtroom he peruses over a huge tome containing all the laws of both the Old Kingdoms of Veretos and the New Provinces of Karno. He hears the crimes of the accused, read by his attendant, Walter Tornwood, or by the one pressing charges, and then he scans the tome, looking for the proper law to set his precedent. At this point, no amount of pleading, begging, bribing, or prayer can change his mind. He delivers his punishment as the book says should be done, and there’s nothing that will change his verdict. The process is slow, but amazingly effective.

Judge Huffscallow himself it a tall, portly man with severe features and a constant frown. He lives in a small cottage by the seaside, a short walk from the courthouse. He doesn’t have company, and little is known of how he came to Durston, but one thing is certain: the man loves to fish. When he’s not in the courthouse, he’s out in a small boat, his line tugging at the water. Some believe him to be no more than a simpleton, but in fact the man wields considerable power, especially because of his link to Sir Daniel Joress. The Governor gives him authority, and Judge Huffscallow never forgets that.

The other curiosity about the judge is his irreverence. He never attends temple services and professes faith in no deity. Again, as no one is friends with him, no one knows why this is so.

Judge Darren Huffscallow Jr.

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