Chenoweth "Chenny" Galen


Str: 10 (+ 0)
Con: 10 (+ 0)
Dex: 14 (+ 2)
Int: 12 (+ 1)
Wis: 11 (+ 0)
Cha: 12 (+ 1)

AC: 13 HP: 6


  • Religious Knowledge +4
  • Find/Remove Traps +5
  • Nature +3
  • Lockpicking +5


  • Transformation: Free action once per round. Transforming breaks most binds and slows.
  • Hybrid Form – Transform in to a part-human, part-hyena creature. +2 Strength, -2 Charisma. + 2/level Temporary hit points. Heightened sense of scent (Advantage on checks). +5 ft. speed. At 25% or less HP, must make Charisma DC 6 save or be forced to attack nearest creature or flee. Make a new save each round.
  • Hyena Form – Transform in to a hyena. +4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, -4 Charisma. +4/level temporary hit points. Heightened senses ( +2 and advantage on checks). +10 ft. speed. Can’t speak to non-animal creatures. At 50% or less HP, must make Charisma DC 8 save or be forced to attack nearest creature or flee. Make a new save each round.
  • Quick Parry: When attacked, make a Dexterity check. Average DC is equal to enemy’s attack roll. On success, negate damage.


  • Rapier: +2 to hit, 1d8 damage.
  • Bite: +4 to hit, 1d8 + 2 damage and trip (Strength contest)

Race: Hengeyokai (Hyena); seemingly human
Age: 110
Height: 6’4
Weight: 195lbs

Occupation: Resident grounds keeper for the Church of Hergen And Center for Theological Study (or the CHaCTS house, as it is colloquially called), which stands near the western boarder of Durston and holds an extensive library of old religious scrolls, texts, and carvings.


The Dream
During one of his first nights in human form, Chenoweth dreamed visions both vivid and surreal in which he was visited by a woman holding, in one hand, a ceramic mask who’s expression would change with each passing glance, and that constantly dripped black and white paint (but never gray), and in the other hand, a shining shield with the flaming image of shattered chains moving constantly over it.
“Hear me, child, and know me. I am Avandra, your Lady and Matron. Soon, you will be amongst a new people to this land, equally as alien to you as familiar. They bring with them the word of Hergen. His are a good people, but they are strong headed and as stubborn as the god they worship… they resist change. Consistency, the likes of which preached by Hergens followers, breeds apathy… it breeds stagnation. Know that I do not come to you to deny Hergen any of his followers, but to keep from losing mine. You are my ilk. Know me, and know freedom.”
She placed her hand upon his cheek, and he awoke.

Truth in Dreams
Chenoweth dismissed the images as a passing dream, brought on by some old fruit or bad meat… but within a couple months, the prophetic words proved accurate. Two months of travel and trade with the elves at the boarder of his plains would pass before he’d stumbled upon a large town, still expanding from its center, filled with a people that looked, not at all like the elves he had become accustomed to, but like him; rounded ears, broader body, a more comparable height to his own… But Chenoweth quickly noticed, however, that, like the elves, not one among the people of that town would change shape. Inevitably, he decided to live within the walls of the town to learn of these people. Having never forgotten his vision, he also decided to learn as much as he could about the woman in his dream. After several weeks of living on the streets, stealing food, or occasionally leaving the town to hunt as a Hyena, a place of more permanent residence was offered to him out of pity by one of the local clergymen, a man named Thako Galen. His home came with a catch, however; In lieu of rent, Chenoweth was to work as the grounds keeper for the church to which his home was attached (the CHaCTS house), and Chenoweth was even afforded a modest weekly stipend to live on. Thako, over several months, taught Chenny (as Thako liked to call him) to read, write, and to use proper methods of studying and interpreting theological texts. Thako eventually adopted Chenny as his son, making Chenoweth legally of the Galen family, and therefore, an official citizen of the town.

Over the next few years, Chenny would pore through any and all religious scripture that the CHaCTS house might have imported from Veretos, secretly looking for any hint of the name, Avandra. It wasn’t until several weeks before his 108th birthday (which everybody he had come to know had regarded as his 23rd) that a crate of stone tablets with an accompanying book came to the church’s library. “Gods of Chance: Avandra, Olidammara, and Olladra”

The Disciple
In trying to follow the tenants of Avandra, Chenny vowed he would make it as difficult as possible for anyone or anything to block his way. He therefore took about 7 years worth of his savings and purchased as many deadlocks, padlocks and hunters’ traps as he could (which, with his pay over the last few years being as low as it was, was not an extensive purchase). He now spends his evenings disassembling, reassembling, opening, disarming and generally fiddling with these devices, and has done so for the last 2 years. Thus far, his practices have done little more than allow him to get into the library after hours for late-night reading, and get him into the tool shed to work when he forgets his keys.

Thako: How is it that you always manage to forget your keys in your room, but never fail to have a hair pin in your pocket?
Chenny: Truthfully, father? (fiddling with locked shed)
Thako: That would be preferable, yes.
Chenny: (loud click) Because I’m fair certain this pin opens more doors. Hmhmhmmmm… (opens door and grabs large hedge shears and smiles) The trees need pruning.

During the first hundred years of his life, Chenoweth roamed the Plains of Ranna as a hyena, and while he remembers so very little of it, he can often be found daydreaming about his former home as he sits on the roof of one of the taller towers of the CHaCTS House, staring into the distant plains… usually while taking large bites out of a freshly roasted cow shank.

Chenoweth "Chenny" Galen

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