Leader of Oddfellow's Local 151.


Hair: None
Eyes: Yellowed with red irises
Age: Indiscernible
Height: 5’ 0"
Weight: About 90 lbs.

This enigmatic figure is the leader of the cult in Durston, Oddfellow’s Local 151. Appearing out of the charred ruins of a small dwelling north of town, this short figure exudes the strange and surreal. His exposed head reveals grey, mottled skin, with charred black in the cracks. His teeth are yellowed and sharp, and his ears are slightly pointed. His voice and demeanor are not quite human, and he speaks in terrible riddles.

He wears a midnight-black robe that never fades, and from it he draws forth “Peewee”, a disturbingly creepy wooden mannequin, which sits upon a shelf and delivers the death sentence to those who provide the right information or a hefty bag of coins to Oddfellow. The puppets speaks in a cracking, wooden voice, occasionally warning of “the 151”, a being with terrible power, who has eyeballs in the palms of its hands and 5 eyes adorning its head.


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