Sir Dexter Fartrester

The *former* editor-in-chief of the premier scientific publication of the Old Kingdoms, The Knower.


Str: 8 (- 1)
Con: 7 (- 2)
Dex: 9 (- 1)
Int: 16 (+ 3)
Wis: 10 (+ 0)
Cha: 8 (- 1)

AC: 9 HP: 4


Age: 31
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Hair: Balding, black hair on sides
Eyes: Sharp green, glasses.

Sir Dexter Fartrester was born in Riverside, in the Kingdom of Heathrock, to wealthy parents interested in alchemy and the natural sciences. He had a privileged childhood, albeit a lonely one, as he was an only child. He attended several private schools and before long was a well-respected scientist and researcher, known throughout most of the scientific community of Veretos.

After the High King’s proclamation that the newly discovered continent of Karno was to be a safe haven for research and invention, the flock of scientists and inventors that made the journey to Durston and the other human settlements created a new surge of interest in science, prompting Dexter, along with a group of colleagues, to create “The Knower”, a very snooty scientific publication that circulated amongst the royal courts of the Old Kingdoms, telling of the fabulous new research being done in the faraway land.

As The Knower’s popularity grew, Sir Dexter (who received his title through his contribution to the publication), took advantage of its success to become quite wealthy. He soon became a sort of tyrant in the scientific community, putting taxes and fines to those who would use The Knower’s money to conduct research, and essentially influencing the dissemination of knowledge throughout the known world.

After learning of Alain and Vincent’s expedition from Durston (and the unexplained destruction of their rented dwelling), Sir Fartrester immediately journeyed to confront them. After giving them no uncertain terms to either pay or be excommunicated from the scientific community, Alain and Vincent “persuaded” Dexter to confess to his embezzlement and exhortation, and resign as editor-in-chief. He left that meeting fully intimidated and disgraced, and made the journey of shame back to Durston.

Sir Dexter Fartrester

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