A Brief History of the Old Kingdoms

Since time immemorial, humans have inhabited the continent of Veretos. Before that, however, came the elves. When humans were still isolated in tribes, dwelling in mud caves and small wooden castles, the elves built cities, huge statues, and magnificent temples to their gods with the aid of magic. The elves, however, were in direct conflict with the ancient dwarves. The dwarves had huge mountain kingdoms, incredible feats of engineering, and fabulous wealth. So came about the Ancient Wars between elves and dwarves.

The Ancient Wars brought about the complete destruction of the dwarves by the elves. Their mountain kingdoms came tumbling down, and the race went extinct. The elves did not escape unscathed, however. Many of their number had been killed, and many of their forest dwellings were burned. By the end of the Ancient Wars, the humans had progressed to the point where they were building kingdoms of their own. The most powerful of these was the Kingdom of Heathrock, the First Holy Kingdom. The first King of Heathrock, King Nolgan Halbrand I, declared that he was the son of the god of the earth, Hergen, who declared that the elves were no longer fit to live on his world. So the weakened elves were attacked, and surrendered their kingdoms to King Halbrand, and were assimilated in to the human kingdoms.

After the doom of the elven kingdoms, the humans proliferated rapidly across all of Veretos. Other kingdoms came up to oppose the Kingdom of Heathrock. The Kingdom of Rosewater, the Kingdom of Highguard, the Kingdom of Blackwatch, the Kingdom of Wolfsbane, the Kingdom of Fallcrest, and the Kingdom of Dreadmoor. These kingdoms rose and fell, some forever, some returning, and other minor kingdoms came and went. For nearly a thousand years, up until about 100 years ago, the mighty kingdoms warred with each other, incorporating different races such as halflings, gnomes, orcs, goblins, kobolds, and more in to their lands.

The greatest of the wars, The War of the Bloody Cloth, brought about the final unification of the kingdoms under the banner of Heathrock. Through his valor in combat, Bariston Stormrager I was proclaimed High King, above all other kings. The wars ended, and in the time of peace, about 50 years ago, the continent of Karno was discovered. Through the efforts of King Stormrager I and his progeny, the New Provinces of Karno have been established, and full-fledged colonization has begun.

A Brief History of the Old Kingdoms

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