Nearly 2,000 years ago, King Nolgan Halbrand I proclaimed himself the son of the god of the earth, Hergen. Since then, Hergen has become the most well-known and most widely worshiped god amongst all of humankind. While Hergen has never revealed himself to the world at large, or to any other race for that matter, the faith is as strong as it ever was, and many clerics wield divine powers they claim come from Hergen himself.

Before the proclamation of King Halbrand I, Hergen was a relatively unknown deity of the early human tribes. He was shown in the ancient cave paintings as a bear with man arms who wielded a mighty hammer that could cause earthquakes and tremors. On his brow were 2 tall horns, and where his lower paws fell caves were formed in the earth that stretched down for miles. The ancient tribes that worshiped him believed that he created the caves, ravines, and deep places of the world for humans to hide in from the elves. They also believed that Hergen would protect them from the other races, because he favored humans. The few tribes that held on to the belief of this half-man, half-bear god, dwindled in number, and soon Hergen was all but forgotten.

It wasn’t until King Halbrand’s human father, Olgar Halbrand, gave his son the 3 Holy Gifts that Hergen’s influence began to return to the world. The son was gifted with a map of a long-abandoned cave, an iron hammer, and a silver pendant that belonged to his mother. Nolgan accepted the gifts, and since then they have become invaluable relics to those faithful to Hergen. For it is with these items that Nolgan made his way to the abandoned cave and saw the drawings of Hergen on the cave walls. But they did not look the same to him. The images swirled before his eyes and a new form appeared, that of a human with two glowing suns for eyes, two large muscled arms, a radiant breastplate, a hammer made of stars, and a floating crown of fire above his head. The image spoke to Nolgan, proclaiming him as the direct descendent of Hergen, who was the god of humans, protector of civilization, and god over all the earth. He charged Nolgan with building a kingdom, to spread the worship of Hergen to all humankind, and to quell the spread of the demi-humans and their blasphemous beliefs. Nolgan did just as he was told, and began preaching the world of Hergen to all that would listen. Within a few decades, the First Holy Kingdom of Heathrock was born.

Given the incredible power of the first organized kingdom in human lands, most were eager to join the faith of Hergen, but others still clung to their old gods, as many still do today. Religion was often a factor in the thousand years of conflict between the kingdoms, but by and large Hergen won out, truly seeming as if he were the god of all the earth.

Hergen’s commandments are simple and powerful, joyful and dutiful, embracing and shunning.

  • Live to your fullest, let no one stop you.
  • Protect your kin, your home, your race, your pride.
  • Worship Hergen through good deeds and a strong will.
  • Be as the earth, tenacious and constant, and the earth will provide for you.


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