The little of the continent of Karno that has been discovered and mapped is detailed here, but most surveyors agree that there is a huge portion of the continent that remains undiscovered.

Along the eastern coast are the human settlements. The coast is a warm to mild climate, and many high hills rise up to meet the sea, such as the bluff where Durston sits. To the north is the mountain range of Kuwatrano, which in the wood elf tongue means “Where eagles soar”. The mountains are nigh impenetrable, except for the Stoddard Pass in the west. North of the mountains are cold, frigid plains, where the settlement of Northport can be found.

Surrounding the Kuwatrano to the west and south is the immense forest of Tuwari. The wood elves make their settlements here, and the forest is a wild place that is very dangerous for humans without a wood elf guide. South of Tuwari and west of Durston are the great plains of Ranna. A large, dry expanse of land with minimal vegetation and water, many hardy (or foolish) settlers have headed west in to Ranna to try to eke out a living.

South of Durston is the Forest of Lies, a strange and some say haunted place. Flowing east through the forest is the Forlorn River, which flows from the Muddy Lake in the west, which has an unknown source even farther west. Situated along the Forlorn River is Calda’s Hold, a fortress amidst the dark pines and black waters. The Colvan Heights in the southeastern peninsula shield the settlement of Craston from many dangers, and make the settlement a good deal more comfortable than the Forest of Lies.

To the southwest of the forest is another great, dry plain, known simply as the Wastes. Few go to this desolate landscape, and even fewer survive to tell much about it. Some have said that there is a massive mountain at the western edge of the Wastes, but no cartographer can confirm these reports.

Along the Muddy Lake and its tributary heading west are several great mesas, jutting up from the ground. Most folks call these the Red Mountains, but the mud dwarves call them Kalklecho, which means “guardians”. The mud dwarves themselves have a small settlement between the Muddy Lake (which they call Urmtoka or “rain gathering”), and the easternmost of the Kalklecho. The settlement is called Tosk Hamrachko, which does not have a good translation in the High Tongue of the Old Kingdoms, but is best described as “the place where one is far away from death but must still remember it”. The mud dwarves claim that there are more settlements farther to the west, but almost nobody from Veretos has seen these supposed settlements.


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