The continent of Veretos, also known to humans as the Old Kingdoms, is mostly civilized, features mild to cold climates, and is predominantly covered with mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes.

To the north are the high mountain ranges Talos (in the northwest) and Tauros (in the northeast). Along the middle of the southern portion of the continent is the great mountain range of Avernon, which histories say was the country of the ancient dwarves, and where many battles of The Ancient Wars took place.

Several major river systems divide up the continent. In the northwest, waters from the eastern Talos mountains flow in to the Esther River, which soon becomes Lake Doris. The River Chanen flows from Lake Doris south toward Lake Frostweaver, in to which also flow the Shivering River from the west and the Oxcross River from the east. Both rivers and Lake Frostweaver flow in to the mighty Serron, which makes its way southwest toward the sea.

Rose Lake, from which the kingdom of Rosewater gets its name, is a huge body of water in northeast Veretos. The rivers Tannor, Harbinge, and Stokesworth flow in to Rose Lake from the Tauros mountains. The Lake stretches over many miles, and hundreds of smaller rivers flow from its waters. Eventually as the waters head southeast, the lake narrows in to the River Thorn, which empties out in to Lily Harbor.

Situated in the middle of Heathrock, Lake Fustan is fed by the rivers Tonne, Hebbe, and Waele. They flow due west toward the lake, and past the lake is the River Hergen, named for the deity of humans and Heathrock in particular.

In southern Blackwatch there flows the River Nyan from the eastern heights of Avernon, which pools at the Restless Lake before flowing in to the River Towess and eventually out in to the eastern sea.

Southwest Veretos features the Nostet River, which forks to the north and south. To the north it becomes the Stalbrit River and flows in to the western sea. The southern fork becomes Lake Ponterain, which then becomes the River Flusse, which flows in to the sea.

In south eastern Veretos there are a number of small lakes, ponds, and streams throughout Fallcrest, which help that kingdom to raise the most bountiful crops in the whole continent. Along the southern border of Fallcrest are the twin lakes, Sower and Reaper. The Big River feeds Lake Sower, and the Seedling River flows from Sower and forks in to an east and west branch. The east branch is the Tiller River, which flows in to the sea. The west branch is the way that leads to Lake Reaper, and the Little Reaper river flows from the lake toward the sea.


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